Everyone’s a DJ!

Although I don’t normally post anything shorter than 500 words, after seeing this video I felt compelled to respond:

It’s certainly not a new idea that the LP is dead replaced by ipods on shuffle, special playlist, and a “professional” DJ for every occasion.  What struck me about this video was obviously not the video itself but the most liked comment:

it’s 6am, and the sun is just starting to peak it’s head. the engine is purring on my white ferrarri 355 cabrio. the wind blowing through my hair, relaxed and loose from a night of dancing. i inhale on my last muratti cigarette. as the smoke fills my lungs my brain sharpens and i remember the name of the girl sitting next to me. it’s a fifteen minute drive back to the villa but i wish it could last forever. pure bliss. pachanga, boys. pachanga.

cobrakaitime 1 week ago 25 

As I mentioned in my previous post, it would seem that Americans are not simply accepting dance music as pop music, but also inherently as the muzak for the club.  This poster seems to elaborate upon the aforementioned trend in music as a whole, away from albums into music defined for a specific space. The idea that every space/location has a mood that needs to be filled is something that I will be writing more about it in the week to come…


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